Ride a Vespa in Val d'Orcia

October 23, 2018 2 Comments

Ride a Vespa in Val d'Orcia

The Val d'Orcia


I visited Val d'Orcia many times during the last 3 years.

I saw it in the whole four seasons colours and shapes. This is a part of Tuscany which I find really inspiring and I won't keep the secret: I really wish I could live there in a rural house one day, maybe setting up my personal art studio ( just like in that movie "Stealing Beauty" https://www.meandtuscany.com/blogs/news/moovies-about-tuscany-my-best-5 ).

Val d'Orcia is a UNESCO patrimony and a FAI area(The national Trust for Italy), and I guess it's also thanks to their protecting wing that such a landscape can keep its 'shape' as it is. 

Also this is the most iconic area and the one where 90% of Tuscany Typicals pictures are taken!

The tour I am going to share is 50 km long(about 31 miles) and I have reunited the most typical sites in the shortest tour.

It came easy to chose it for my first Vespa self-made tour!

Where to rent a Vintage Vespa in Val d'Orcia



Our choice was directed to the rental of Vintage Tours Montepulciano, right in Montepulciano. They have lots of models and colours for Vintage Vespas, all of them 100% insta-top!

So the first thing to know about a Vintage Vespa is that it's no automatic and the shift is definetly something to learn!I must admit it's been a bit more difficult than expected at the beginning!

On the left hand you have the shift, on the right hand you have the front brake and on the right foot you have the back brake ...what ?!It means that if you are going fast and you take it as a bycicle you actually risk to  rise up the back wheel !!

So that was new, but everybody makes it at the end and I simply took my time, rode quite slow for a couple hours until I felt safe and confident! That's when the real party begins!

I could ride faster, in one of the hottest day in may (also take solar cream a I sunburnt!). The wind makes it so fresh and funny, the day was amazing!

Notice girls and ladies: you can also ride in two! So if you prefere your sweet half to drive you along the Tuscan hills you can enjoy the passenger's Dolce Vita!

The beauty of Val d'Orcia hills belongs to all Tuscany postcards, and its breathtaking views are far better in reality, as that landscape keeps being a ocean of hills and cypress trees for kms and kms!

The street is not so busy(most of the time), so really don't worry about cars riding fast nearby. After the practising time I just felt confident, amazed, amused and simply FINE!

The Tour


Your Vespa Path!


Where you are in Tuscany


Where to start?

The very first stop is a few meters away from the rental!

S. Biagio's church, an amazing building standing fiercely in the most stunning countryside and showing just after a nice "cypress trees tunnel".

Also keep it in mind for a sunset spot as soon as you'll be back from this one-day-tour ;)

(See the final gallery for more pictures)




Starting from Montepulciano we set our first stop in Pienza. I have been there several times now, and it's a part of Val d'Orcia that I recommend.

We took the whole time we needed to get used to the drive, and also left quite late so we reached Pienza at lunch time (in Italy lunch time is from about 12.00 to 14.30).

In Pienza you'll find for sure a restaurant or a bar where to eat, I chose Pummarò to have one of the best pizzas ever (the guys are from Southern Italy which is a guarantee of good pizza production!).

Pienza in Italy is very famous because of its Pecorino (a seasoned cheese), you'll meet many shops smelling of cheese!  If you want to buy good typical tuscan/italian cheese you can't find a better place.

Pienza is a small village built up on a hill. All around it, whatever road you take you'll find the most authentic and amazing tuscan landscape! It's a balm for the eyes and even if I am born and raised in Tuscany it's something which leaves me speachless all the times. I often come back here to set myself at peace or find inspiration.

San Quirico


Next stop is called San Quirico and it's another tiny village in the typical tuscan style. Houses made in stones, old medieval churches and so many flowers if you come by in spring time!

The place is indeed more relaxing, the crowd belongs mainly to Pienza and Montepulciano city center.

A few km from this village is also that famous countryhose everybody shoots, called Podere Belvedere, I wouldn't miss it! It's on the way from Pienza, and you can easily google it!

Don't forget:

A - To see the old San Francesco's church with its amazing stone lions

B - To get a little bit lost around the tiny streets; it's in the narrow alleys like those that you meet the spirit of my region flattering.

 Bagno Vignoni


This is the set of enchanted afternoons with my boyfriend, I just love Bagno Vignoni and not far from here you have the amazing free hot springs called Bagni di San Filippo.

The village is very old (roman times) because this is an area of sulfuric waters. The village it self it's a pretty little gem with an iconic central stones pool and all the cutest bar around you may need!

I recommed a small deviation to take a bath in those hot waters in the white wild rocks called Bagni di San Filippo, it's a bless, it's a unique landscape and you'll thank me for this suggestion: I am sure! This is not something you imagine to be in Tuscany (unless you follow me on instagram since a while!) - Check the final gallery to see the pics!

I warn you: you will smell like rotten eggs after that (better not to wet your hair) but first, it is healing and good for your health, second: no you can't miss this experience! 

The best would be to reach this place after a whole day tour..as it is meant to be relaxing. A hot natural pool to restore your whole body; a day vespa tour is funny but also makes you tired!

When is the best period to do a Vespa Tour in Tuscany?

For sure from may to september! It's windy up the Vespa, and rain and cold aren't good travel fellows! 

If you are in Tuscany in April or October you can also try and pick a good weather day. Like for example this October 2018 is a very hot one and still perfect weather for a ride.

The guys at the rental have no problems to rent you a vespa without reservation, you may just have less choice.

What to bring ? 9 tips for you:

1- A little backpack would be good! You will have no room under the saddle. The backpack it's more comfortable for the drive and useful along the stops.

Notice that you'll also need to carry with you the hemlets.

2- To each and every stop I mentioned there is the chance to eat (bars and restaurant. In Pienza-first stop- there is also a little supermarket "Coop") so no real need of supplies.Least but not last: Dario can sell you the cutest pic-nic basket !! 

3- Comfortable closed shoes (don't mind mine, I am a pirate!)

4- Sunglasses as flies become bullets in your eyes and the hemlets has no visors.

5- Sun cream...so much!

6- Bring a light jacket for the wind - you may need also during summer.

7- Consider about giving your-selves time for this road trip. My advice is to make no plans for the rest of the day because the drive becomes really a pleasure as soon as you start to get how it works. Hurring at this stage would have ruined a bit the whole thing.

8- It will make you tired and you'll want to be safe, so select a good-energy day and just go explore tuscany with the most iconic Vespa you can get !

9- Should I write to bring a camera as you are in the top typical Tuscany ?!


What about any glitch with the scooters?

The day was awesome, it all went good exept for a little glitch:we finished gasoline along the way! So we called Dario from Vintage Vespa Tour service and in less than 10 minutes they arrived there fix it all and let us enjoy the rest of the afternoon! So good to feel that you are alone and free in the Tuscan countruside but at the same time a phone calling and less than 10 minutes everything is okay! This is a service!!

Can't wait to repeat this whole experience and live the Val d'Orcia from a Vespa, riding with the sun over my head and wind through the hairs.. this smells like Tuscany !


Write me your comment down here if you have any questions of want to share your same experience!

Want to book or gert informations about the rental?

Ask Dario and his team at: info@vintagetours.it  or(0039) 393 96 55 122

This is the website: http://www.vintagetours.it/blog/contatti/

  Photo Gallery

 San Biagio's Church - in Montepulcianovespa_tour_tuscany_meandtuscany

 Vespa Pic-Nic with Pizza!


Pienza alleys


Podere Belvedere


San Quirico Village


San Quirico silent alleys


Around San Quirico


Random Countryside Spots


Bagno Vignoni Village


Cute bars in Bagno Vignoni


Bagni di San Filippo Hot Springs





2 Responses

Francesca - Me & Tuscany
Francesca - Me & Tuscany

October 24, 2018

Hi Deanne!
Well about the security it depends on what you mean by it. For example in case of an accident it depends on who’s the guilty part, in case of damage, stealing or other you should ask specifically to the rent which kind of setting they have in the insurance/papers they make you sign.
In places like Val d’Orcia though I felt safe from vandalism for example, and also thieves generally goes where to find an amount of people! So when I left it in the countryside for walking I felt safe.
The only thing is that you’ll have to carry the helmets- that’s why I suggested a backpack up in the blog.
Also see the part “When is the best period to do a Vespa Tour in Tuscany?” for weather tips!(I wouldn’t bet on November. It’s generally a rainy month and you should be just lucky to a warm and sunny day- I wouldn’t recommend a scooter drive in that period — it’s not only a matter of heavy clothes .. hands and knees suffers a lot for freezing wind ! And you should carry maybe to much stuff for the different temperatures on and off the Vespa plus having room for the helmets and so on … way too complicated to enjoy on my point of view!)
Thank you for commenting and visiting the blog :)


October 24, 2018

What about the security of the Vespa if you want to walk the small streets or go into a restaurant or the hot springs? Also is it too cold in the end of October/beginning of November? Would you still recommend but with heavier clothes? Is it very rainy?. Thank you!

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